Week 1

MIDDLE SCHOOL | June 26-July 1

Speaker | Matt Furby

Band | MoNTI

Matt Furby is currently the Men's and Teaching Pastor at The Grove Community Church in Riverside, CA where he once served as their Jr High Pastor. Matt has a unique ability to share God's word to all ages. He has served on summer staff with Hume in the past and speaks regularly around the country. Matt and his wife, Mette have three children.

Week 2


Speaker | Chris Simning

Band | MoNTI

Born with a nearly imperceptible case of cerebral palsy, Chris Simning was stricken with an extremely rare muscle and nerve disease in the eighth grade. Five years confined to a wheelchair, and unable to care for himself, Chris experienced a miraculous healing that allowed him to finish his undergraduate degree from college as well as earn a Master’s degree from Azusa Pacific University in Clinical Psychology. After many summers of service in Christian camping, Chris has accepted the call to speak full-time.


His passion for telling his story ignites him further to speak on how God brings healing to the wounded of heart even in the worst circumstances. Chris’ firsthand experience with the pain of life compels him to seek the provision of God. His zeal for the Bible, along with his humorous personality, endear him to people of all ages. Chris lives in Gilbert, Arizona and speaks to churches, youth groups, and camps nationally, as well as internationally.

Week 3



Band | Illumniation Project

Chuck Bomar

Trent Lewis is the Pastor of Ministries at Arbor Road Church in Long Beach, California. He is a graduate of Biola University and has been working with students since before the turn of the century. His primary ministry started in 2013 when he married his wife Cora. Trent's hobbies include improv comedy, podcasting and Disney... anything Disney. He is passionate about communicating the truth of God's Word in an engaging and relevant way through camps and conferences. Trent is an amazing communicator and shares God's truth with an engaging and witty style.

Week 4


Speaker | ChucK Bomar

Band | MoNTI

Chuck Bomar is the planter and pastor of Colossae Church near Portland, Oregon. He is the author of over a dozen resources and multiple books, including "Better Off Without Jesus" and "Serving Local Schools". He has founded two organizations: CollegeLeader and He dedicates a lot of time to consulting with leaders, businesses, churches and denominations. If you asked Chuck he would humbly say, "The more I learn the more I realize how much I don't know."

Chuck and his wife, Barbara, have three daughters: Karis, Hope, and Sayla.



Speaker | CHAD BRYAN

Band | MoNTI

Chad Bryan is the Associate Pastor and Student Ministries Pastor at Grace Fellowship Halfmoon in the Albany, New York area. Chad has spent the last 14 years speaking at youth events, homeless shelters, high schools, colleges and churches and has been part of the speaking rotation for the large multi-site church, Grace Fellowship Church.

His messages have a unique blend of passion, authenticity and humor while showing an uncanny ability to connect with high school students. A former boys varsity basketball coach and a lifelong sports fan, he has a heart of an athlete and loves to coach young people. He currently oversees a vibrant junior high and high school ministry that have experienced significant growth in less than 5 years.

Chad committed his life to Jesus as a junior in high school and later received his education in Chicago and Boston. He holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Chad and his wife Nikki, live in Clifton Park, New York with their sons Tré and Sully.



M Ø N T I is an energetic synth pop trio based out of Los Angeles, California. Inspired by indie and electronic artists alike, they strive to push the envelope musically and intellectually with profound lyrics and syncopated rhythms.

“We see ourselves as Worship Leaders before we do musicians... We are are passionate about seeing people surrender to the love and sacrifice made by Christ and we work to engage communities in unhindered worship.”


Music has the ability to cut to the core of man. The ability to create is not only a gift but a powerful tool. A tool that can make an impact. Illumination Project does not take this lightly. Formed by TJ Cople, their goal collectively is to bring Christ to the front. Whether a night filled with music or leading others to sing of His glory, the goal remains the same.

“Let them praise the name of the Lord! For he commanded and they were created” -Psalm 148:5