Men's Retreat!

We live busy lives, pouring ourselves into work, family, ministry, friends and so much more. It sometimes feels like to do well in one area means having to neglect another. That is why in times of exhaustion as well as in times of great enthusiasm, it is so important to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and take time to withdraw to a quiet and secluded place.

This Fall we are excited be hosting our first Hume New England Men’s Retreat. We will take care of all the details; all you have to do is come. Our speaker for the weekend is Adam Weatherby, president of one of America’s premier firearm manufacturers. He is passionate about communicating God’s Word and we can’t wait to see how God speaks through him. There will be opportunities to for you to eat, play, rest, adventure, worship, bond and grow.

Our favorite thing about a Hume Men’s retreat isn’t the recreation, which will be amazing; it surprisingly isn’t the food, which will be hearty. It is seeing men from different churches, different ages and generations, different denominations come together as Christ’s church to worship Him. It is experiencing the unity that has already been given to us through the Gospel. It is watching men leave this place refreshed and spirit-filled, ready to bless those in those in their circle of influence.

Invite a friend and join us!