Coming This Summer!

Fall is beautiful, winter is fun, spring is full of new life, but summer….summer at Hume New England is amazing!!! It’s beautiful, fun and full of the new life that only comes from knowing and growing closer to Jesus!!

Last fall our camp directors sat around a table, discussing conversations they heard during the summer from youth pastors, regarding things their students were wrestling with. They began to see a pattern emerge. Identity, obedience, and perseverance in their faith, seemed to be issues plaguing the student culture. After much prayer and discussion, they landed on the life of King Saul with a hope to challenge students with the same words Samuel spoke in 1 Samuel 12:24 to the Israelites: “Only fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things He has done for you.”  The story of King Saul shows us that he did not have a reverent awe or fear of the Lord, nor did he choose to serve God faithfully. As a result the kingdom was stripped from him and his life was a tragedy.

For many years at Hume, we have chosen characters that students can relate to in their failures as well as their victories.  We have also encouraged them to strive to have the type of faith that compelled characters like Paul, Peter, and Elijah. However, this year our hope is that students can see they also have the tendency to fall into some of the same traps that Saul and the Israelite people fell into.  Our hope is they would instead choose to trust the Lord, to find their identity and worth in Christ, and to serve Him faithfully with their lives. We know God is going to teach them amazing things!

And we can't forget to mention...the story of Saul will be told through arguably one of the most exciting genres of all time. So grab your shields and swords, your horses and armor because Hume New England is headed into the Medieval times!