Changing Lives Through Campership!

In 1987 a little blond headed girl, armed with a bag full of stuffed animals stepped into her first Hume camp. Her family was going through a tough time and some anonymous person thought that she and her sister needed a week away to have fun to grow closer to God. The only reason she was able to go to camp was because someone lovingly gave...and guess what? It changed her life. That little girl was Kip’s wife Michal.  Not only did she get to experience what she thought to be the most amazing week, but she has had the privilege of working alongside Hume’s ministry with her husband Kip for nearly 20 years.



It is likely that many of you know students who may need a little financial help too. We wanted to make sure you know about a fund we have called CAMPERSHIP. For over half a century, caring individuals have donated to make camp at Hume affordable to those who need it. You might have even noticed the little “tip” boxes around Hume New England, in the office or at the Ampersand which are specifically “send a kid to camp” boxes.

Basically CAMPERSHIP is a scholarship that exists due to the generosity of people who love students - sight unseen - enough to donate money so that every kid has the chance to come to camp. Eligibility is determined by an application process, which is given to students by their youth leaders and can reduce the cost of camp up to 50%. If you have questions, please reach out to MEAGAN. She would love to help you learn more.

It is important to us and many of the people who love and support Hume, that finances are never a reason for a student to miss out on what God has for them. We hope that those of you have students who need this resource will use it and those of you who feel led to GIVE will give.