Coming This Fall

Many great ideas begin with a walk through the woods. One such walk happened early this spring as Kip and Hume's adventure guru, Tim (a New Jersey native) walked the grounds in search of a spot for an upcoming High Ropes Course. 

Once they settled on a site in the woods adjacent to the trail on the north side of the pond, they began dreaming it up. A well-designed challenge course will give its participants a sense of nervous excitement as they walk up and see it for the first time. It should look exciting and fun to the average participant and be just scary enough to make them feel challenged. What they came up with will do just that!

They designed the course to provide a great deal of options. Participants can simply climb the stairs, go down the zip line or they can spend time climbing the walls, trying the ropes courses, or free falling on the quick jump. The real beauty of this design is that we can make the experience simple and quick or challenging and dynamic depending on the individual's and group's needs and desires.

Seeing a challenge course in action is an amazing thing. Our plans sport thirteen ropes course elements, at least two rock climbing faces, at least two vertical climbing elements, a zip line and a free fall device. Think “American Ninja Warrior” with harnesses on!  

So many transformative moments, both personally and spiritually, happen through ropes challenge experiences. This will be a very exciting addition to our current facilities and programs and we can’t wait to see how God is going to use it!

Construction is planned to begin later this summer and we are hoping to be ready for the Fall Season.