Broom Hockey Baby!

Amazing recreation is a big part of Hume, and broom hockey is no exception. We even make funny videos to explain the rules. An old camper favorite is Broom Hockey Baby (circa 2006). We use competition, not for the sake of a winner, but to pull people together for a shared experience. Broom Hockey is basically the game of hockey played with brooms and tennis shoes. The challenging part is controlling the puck without falling down. However, the great part is that it’s a game for students of all sizes and abilities, it fosters teamwork, it moves really fast, and therefore is a lot of fun to watch.

Coming this winter camp season, we’re excited to announce the construction of a new rink! It’s synthetic which means outdoor broom hockey is guaranteed regardless of the weather. It’s all set with a skybox for an announcer to give the play by plays, a large screen TV for scores and timers and the best part is, we put it right next to Hebron, so it’s near food, fun and facilities.


When we create programs, we like to design them big to small. When students come to camp we want them to experience unity in being a part of something bigger than themselves, but something that can still impact them uniquely. This models being a part of the body of Christ. To keep anyone from feeling a sense of being lost in the crowd we create opportunities for them to be a part of a team, a group of people coming together for a specific purpose. This provides a way for students to really connect with one another as an example to them of the local church. Lastly, when kids come to camp we want them to be an individual because our ultimate goal is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them and that is a very personal experience.

For us Broom Hockey is not just an epic game, but a way for us to usher people to the feet of Jesus. Ultimately He is the foundation for everything we do, even ridiculous videos like Broom Hockey Baby!